Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sustainable housing

A picture of a straw house waiting for the roof to be put on
A picture of an incomplete straw wall
A picture of a completed straw house exterior

North Kesteven Council have constructed affordable, sustainable houses from straw.
These houses effectively act as a carbon sink and therefore have a negative carbon footprint. They do not use cement in construction. Cement and concrete production accounts for almost 8% of global greenhouse gas emission.
The majority of the materials in the houses can be sourced locally,these are well insulated, practical and  environmentally sound solutions to affordable housing.
Follow this link for more details

Do you think we should build houses of straw in our community ?

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  1. Any housing that is both affordable and sustainable has to be given serious consideration. It would be great if East Lindsey followed this lead and built some. What could there be that was more suitable to our rural location?


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