Sceptical about Climate Change?

There are many conflicting bits of information and data on the topic of climate change it's not surprising that many people choose the path of least resistance i.e. It's not an issue that
concerns me.
However it is important that for the future of a world we do concern ourselves with it to make
valid judgements on what we should do, right now, to prevent the problem escalating.

My advice is if you are receiving mixed messages on the topic ask yourself the following

Is the source of the information reliable and a specialist in Climate Change?

Is the source impartial or do they have vested interests in maintaining the status quo?

Has the information been scientifically peer reviewed before it is published?

There is an excellent website
which gives verifiable answers to many of the counter arguments that are generated
by people who, for whatever purpose, do not want to accept that:

1/ The climate is warming
2/ Human activity is the major cause